The Authentic Salesperson™ Course

Discover the deeper dimensions OF drivING higher performance

The Authentic Salesperson™ Course is a 13 week course that helps business leaders and contributing team members experientially develop new automatic success habits for increased sales and life success.  In addition to discovering the power of adopting a client-focused sales purpose, participants will discover higher levels of success, personal growth, and the ability to look into new horizons of purpose and achievement.


Authentic Life Skills™ Course

develop the life skills needed to drive successful human action!

Authentic Life Skills is a nine week course that helps people experientially develop necessary mental, emotional, and unconscious belief boundaries that prepares them to learn and build new automatic successful habits. Once participants begin to view themselves capable of higher success, and are already conditioned to tough it through the hard moments, they’ll then use the tools and apply training when it’s consistent with their new self-beliefs, values, and inner sense of worthiness.